Impulse Batteries and Chargers

B20543A Impulse battery li on

Impulse Battery Li-Ion

  • Product Code: B20543A
  • Tool: All Li-Ion Tools
B20543B Impulse li on Battery charger kit

Impulse Li-Ion Charger Kit

  • Product Code: B20543B
  • Tool: All Li-Ion Tools
  • *Battery not included
B20543C Impulse Wall Adaptor Li on

Impulse Wall Adaptor Li-Ion

  • Product Code: B20543C
  • Tool: All Li-Ion Tools
B20542 Impulse battery round

Impulse Battery Round

  • Product Code: B20542
  • Tool: IM200S Stapler
B20544B quick charger kit in pkt

Impulse Quick Charger Kit

  • Product Code: B20544B
  • Tool: All Ni-Cad Tools
B20544C Replacement transformer

Replacement Transformer

  • Product Code: B20544C
  • Tool: All Ni-Cad Tools
B20544E Impulse Battery Oval

Impulse Battery Oval

  • Product Code: B20544E
  • Tool: Ni-Cad Framing Nailers & Bradders