Tradie Tough Test: Paslode PPN-Master™

"The Tradie Magazine - What Tradies Want" blog recently featured the PPN-Master™ in their latest April/May issue as part of the Tradie Tough Tests column.




An ongoing challenge on site for tradies is how to install metal connectors within installation guidelines (ensuring the product warranty), maintaining the structural integrity of the metal connector and the overall build quality quickly, safely, and easily.


This keeps the certifier and homeowner happy. Some tradies are clustering nails or penetrating the connectors with nails at various points close to existing pre-fabbricated holes or close to the edge of the connector. However, this does not fit within installation guidelines, voiding the warranty on the metal connector.


What makes this tool so good...

The new Paslode PPN-Master™ has a brand-new exposed-tip design which is used by easily placing the tip of the tool directly into the hole of the bracket or connector. When firing, this same tip guides the nail into the hole each and every time. The line of sight of the contoured body provides a clear and completely unobstructed view of the nail placement.




Apart from the precision, this tool's another huge benefit is the time savings. What previously would have taken days hand nailing or palm nailing, and where the apprentice may take two days to do a job, it can now be done in hours thanks to the PPN-Master™.

What makes this tool so good...Part 2!

Other features to appreciate with the PPN-Master™ are a long fan runtime for enhanced cooling performance, left and right belt and rafter hook, Impulse-gas technology, a single shot solution and enhanced nail control providing consistent drivability and correct nail depth and placement.


As part of the PPN-Master™'s Tradie Tough Test, the guys at The Tradie Magazine analysed the performance of the tool in collaboration with carpenter Christian from Waterview Constructions.


Christian had just installed a pile of connectors by hand on a renovation and had plenty more ready to go in. Says Christian: “The gun’s nose is very different to those I’d seen before from Paslode. But it’s this exposed narrow beak-like tip that allows you to see exactly how the tip sits directly in the prefabricated hole on your strapping, triple grips, boots or joist hangers."


“Then, with the squeeze of the trigger, the tip guides the PPN nail exactly where the tip was just sitting in the hole of the connector. Every single nail I fired was a perfect placement into the hole. Not a single nail missed or ended up anywhere other than where I exactly wanted it".





As per the "The Tradie" team's words: "There’s no denying the significant time saving with the PPN-Master™. A carpenter that does a lot of framing will need to get this tool. Not only will it save huge amounts of time, it’ll also keep certifiers happy and able to sign off on work. The days of using coil tools, cluster-nailing connectors and shooting through metal connectors indiscriminately are pretty much on their last legs."


As we have all seen in the industry, the quality of the build is becoming increasingly under the spotlight and the responsibility of understanding and adhering to install guidelines sits with the builder.


No doubt that the Paslode's PPN-Master™ is the right tool for the job and makes it easy for the installer to install as per guidelines and have peace of mind the job is done right. One less thing to worry about for the builder. The Paslode PPN-Master™ will solve most of the issues in this area, with tradies no longer needing – accidentally or on purpose – to penetrate metal connectors anywhere other than the pre-fabricated and correct holes.


Christian continues:


"Not only was the gun extremely fast and easy to get perfect placement, but the Paslode PPN nails are designed for the job. They’re also marked on the top of the head of the nail, so certifiers will easily be able to see PPN nails have been used, along with the precision placement.”


Final words

This innovation brings the builder the ideal solution to installing metal connectors. Any product that will save time and produce work that helps tradies adhere to best-work practises, along with offering industry-leading features, is set for success.



If you'd like to book a tool demo to test the yourself all the features of the 2023 Paslode PPN-Master™, get in touch!