Faster tie down with the Paslode PPN-MASTER™

When we caught up with O’Shea and Sons Builders they had been testing the PPN-Master™ for eight months on their building sites.


The all new PPN-Master™ is dedicated to metal connector installation and works with two hardened product nails to install I-joist hangers, strap bracing, triple grips and multigrips and other metal connectors with speed and ease.


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Andrew McKay, Site Supervisor from O’Shea and Sons Builders, says since they’ve had the Paslode PPN Master™ on hand, they’ve noticed a huge increase in productivity, with I-joists hangers especially.


“I-joists used to be a job that took days to do and now it is a matter of hours until we can have the whole house tied down which is really convenient and time effective. We have been able to use the Paslode PPN™ with triple grips, speed brace, and builders strap around windows.”


O’Shea and Sons Builders services Brisbane and South-East Queensland. They’ve built their reputation on well-designed, high quality, and functional homes. Andrew says they have a comprehensive warranty with their buildings and the PPN system’s fast and accurate installation gives them an extra confidence that they’ll be no dramas down the track.


Getting the job done quicker is a huge bonus of the Paslode tool and Andrew has an extra level of confidence that all the team are safe on site having the best tools and equipment.


Installing metal connectors is simple and straightforward with the tool’s exposed nose tip which locates pre-punched holes and install the nail directly inside. Depth of drive can be easily adjusted to suit the application and the tool is no fuss when manoeuvring up ladders and between joists and trusses. Even new apprentices can achieve a very high-quality install.


“The Paslode PPN-Master™ is such a great product. It has saved us heaps of time and worth every penny. It is ensuring we are delivering great results.”



“It’s an assurance we’re using the right tools for the job and peace of mind we’ve got the job done 100% correctly every time.”


If you'd like to book a tool demo to test the yourself all the features of the 2023 Paslode PPN-Master™, please get in touch!